Consumer Fee Schedule

Advantage Checking Fees 
  • Monthly Service Charge $15.00
    With Direct Deposit $12.00
    Monthly service charge is waived when combined average daily household deposit and loan balance is $10,000 or greater.
Boundless Checking and iBoundless Checking
  • No monthly service charge.
  • Unlimited ATM Surcharges assessed at Non-OneLocal Bank ATM terminals are rebated.
Online Banking Fees
Online Banking and Bill Pay - Free
Online Banking External Transfers - Free
Same day electronic bill payment $9.95
Next day check bill payment $14.95
Stop & Reissue bill payment check $20.00
Savings Account Fees
Escrow Statement Savings, 18-65 / UTMA Statement Saving, iBoundless, Savings and Statement Savings Account. 
No monthly service charge.
Money Market Fees
High Yield Money Market and iYield Money Market
A $5.00 monthly service charge will be imposed if the minimum daily balance in the account falls below $5000 any day in the statement cycle.
Wire Transfer Fees
Incoming Wire $10.00
Outgoing - Domestic $20.00
Outgoing - International $50.00
ATM & Debit Card Fees
ATM transactions at OneLocal Bank ATM Free
OneLocal Bank is a member of the NYCE SUM surcharge-free network. Access your money at any SUM network ATM without a surcharge, visit to locate participating ATMs. 
  • Expedited card replacement fee $45.00
International / Foreign Transaction Fees
MasterCard CBA Fee (Cross Border Fee) 0.90% of Trans Amt MasterCard CCA Fee (Cross Border Conversion Fee) 0.20% of transaction Amount (only applies to transactions in foreign currency. 
Miscellaneous Fees
Money Order * $2.00
Treasurers Check * $4.00
Returned item fee ** # $22.00
Paid item fee ** $22.00
Deposit Transfer Overdraft Fee * ^ $2.00
Stop Payment, Checks & ACH $20.00
Stop Payment, Money Orders and Bank Checks $20.00
Check Collection - Canadian $10.00
Check Collection – International $45.00
Tax Levy/Garnishment $35.00
Escheatment Fee $50.00
Coin Counting - No Charge for customers up to
$200.00 per day, 10% of balance over $200 in one day.
IRA Plan Fees
IRA Annual Service Charge* $20.00
IRA Transfer Fee $25.00
Safe Deposit Boxes***
Drilling Fee $175.00
Lost Key Fee $35.00
3 x 5 Box $48.00
5 x 5 Box $60.00
3 x 10 Box $72.00
6 x 10 Box $96.00
12 x 12 Box $180.00
12 x 17 Box $275.00
*Charge/fee is waived for Advantage checking customers. ^Fee is per transfer fee and only accessed when service is utilized
** Returned item fee and Paid item fee may be imposed on any of the following transactions: checks and other transactions made using your checking account number, in-person withdrawals, recurring debit card transactions, automatic bill payments, ACH transactions or other pre-authorized transfers. Fee is waived for customers under 18 or over 65 years old.

#Items or payments may be presented multiple times and we do not monitor or control the number of times a transaction is presented for payment. We may charge a Returned Item Fee each time a payment is presented if the amount of money available is not sufficient to cover the payment, regardless of the number of times the payment is presented. 

*** Advantage Checking Customers receive a 50% discount on safe deposit boxes.