Business Cybersecurity

Safeguard Your Business

Here are a few techniques to protect your company data and systems against online cyber threats.
Multifactor Authentication

Businesses have become increasingly vulnerable to hackers trying to gain access to their employee email accounts and other vital systems.  One important safeguard to implement is multifactor authentication — or MFA — which can help protect against cybercriminals who seek to steal company or customer data by targeting employees.



Working from home is on the rise, and hackers are using this as an opportunity to step up ransomware attacks on businesses of all sizes. Ransomware is malware that is used to block a business’s access to critical data or services through encryption that locks files, and then the attackers demand a ransom payment for a decryption key to unlock the vital files. These intrusions can be financially devastating at a time when companies can least afford a big disruption or costly payout.


Protecting Your WIFI Network

Restricting who can access your Wi-Fi network is smart business. While you want your employees and possibly guests to be able to access your wireless network, you don’t want to expose customer or staff data to unwanted intrusion.