Information Security

Protecting Your Accounts

OneLocal Bank continues to monitor cyber activity and harden protections for you, our customers. We stay abreast of national and local events that may impact you and your family. We are also reviewing our own security controls to protect against increased threat activity.

As a part of OneLocal Bank’s threat intelligence program we collect and analyze data from several major sources and utilize this information to fortify our security posture. Our security and technology partners have preventative, detective, and corrective security controls in place to protect the Bank and our customers.

We have been made aware of an increase in fraud schemes utilizing online and mobile banking. The fraudsters are contacting customers asking for their online and mobile banking login information. Please stay vigilant and know that the Bank will NOT contact its customers asking for your username and password.

This is a dynamic and rapidly changing environment, and we will continue to update you as the situation evolves.

Please view to learn more ways to help keep your personal information safe.